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So, you've got a backup in your drain.

Did you know that there are more intricate components in your plumbing system than any other part of your home? And of the hundreds of things that can go wrong some are a nuisance, and others can spell disaster! 

At Work Horse Plumbing and Drains, LLC. we know that problems with your plumbing system can be scary, stressful, expensive and even dangerous. But most plumbing problems can be avoided with the right team on your side. 

Clogged drains are a big hassle. Dirt and sludge can build up in pipes creating a grotesque and impassable barrier that suffocates your plumbing and keeps waste from leaving your home. And, your beautiful landscaping can interfere with your drainage. 

Some of the most common problems that can arise from your drain and drainage system include; roots from trees and shrubs, foreign objects, drain pipe wall collapse and misalignment of piping sections. Regular maintenance on your drains will prevent problems in the future. 


Expert Service in Portland, Clackamas, Oregon City, OR.

Portland, Clackamas, Oregon City, OR. residents should beware of inefficient sewer drain cleaning services offered by an inexperienced and unreliable drain cleaning company. While choosing the sewer drain cleaner, the focus should be on getting quality services, not just cheap pricing.

We offer the best combination by providing expert sewer drain cleaning services at affordable rates. Our drain cleaning company is extremely dedicated to completing all the sewer drain cleaning jobs in Portland, Clackamas, Oregon City, OR. to the customers’ satisfaction. To ensure this, we make sure each trained sewer drain cleaner is supported with the right equipment, including:

• Video inspection capabilities
• Drain snake
• Sewer auger

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